Join the Spartans Syndicate

The Spartans Syndicate is a group of individuals that have the common interest of winning in crypto and life.

The Spartans Syndicate is designed to close the crypto knowledge gap for new investors that want to multiply their money and using crypto.

The 3 core reasons people join the Syndicate are:

  • To learn the crypto frameworks to WIN in Crypto and Life
  • To access exclusive Moonshots, Pre-sales, and NFT plays
  • To have proximity to a community of active sophisticated crypto investors

What’s inside? All tiers of the Spartans Syndicate get:

  • The Spartans Syndicate Private Discord Channels. Hundreds of investors sharing their tips, tricks, and strategies
  • Exclusive Crypto Strategies. Various strategies designed to multiply your money and speed up your wealth journey.
  • Spartans Development Channel. Multiple principles, mental models, and principles designed to improve your life outside of crypto.
  • All future updates 

Each tier has a higher level of strategies, plays (and the associated risks), a higher level of proximity, and shared and custom strategy discussions. Please refer to the article below to learn more:

Spartans Syndicate Tier System

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