What is Sparta Crypto?

Our Philosophy: Clarify the gap you want to close and have the philosophy, principles, and proximity that align with closing it.

What is Sparta Crypto?

Sparta Crypto is a project that helps people learn how to effectively navigate the world of crypto through Philosophy, Principles, and Proximity – otherwise known as the 3Ps.
Through education of the 3Ps, we aim to help people win in crypto while minimizing the risks that come from investing in decentralized finance.
The people who lose in Crypto lack clarity on where they are at, where they want to go, and a realistic timeline to get there. If you are clear on “the gap” you’re trying to close, you will be able to prevent all of the points off the list of losing behaviors and win in crypto WITHOUT getting lucky.
Remember this: When the gap is clear, so is the path to winning. You will continuously behave in a losing manner if you lack clarity of the gap. 
To learn more about the 3Ps, check out our whitepaper

How do you help people win in crypto?

You can check out our YouTube channel or read our Medium articles. There’s an ever growing library of free information that our team consistently creates to help you profit in crypto.
Looking for a community and mentoring opportunities to help you through crypto? Consider joining the Spartans Syndicate.

What are the benefits of holding $Spartans tokens?

The $Spartans token is a part of the Knightswap ecosystem. This partnership helps our holders lock in safe crypto strategies and create a portfolio that compounds in interest over time.
The cornerstone of the Knightswap ecosystem is the $Knight token. It’s a DEX (decentralized exchange) token that you can yield from Knightswap. The $Knight token can be used to accumulate valuable crypto assets and create a paycheck by leveraging these assets – with the primary goal of closing the gap to what you really want in life.

Here’s how holding the $Spartans token can help you win:

Automatic $KNIGHT Distribution
10% of every transaction made with $Spartans token is redistributed to all holders. You just have to hold $Spartan and you’ll earn $Knight through our auto-claim feature. Every 60 minutes, you’ll receive $Knight automatically in your crypto wallet.
Monthly Spartan Award Ceremonies
With our treasury every month we will do giveaways and prizes to Spartan NFT holders.
Spartan Education and Community
To access higher levels of the Spartans Syndicate tiers, $Spartan tokens are used as the currency to gain access.

Do you have more in-depth information about the $Spartans token (tokenomics, roadmap, etc.)?

Click here to read our whitepaper.